Unnecessary Music/Noise in Public Places

Why is it that virtually wherever you go these days for a drink the establishments insist on playing annoying loud music? Now, I am not averse to music at reasonable decibels. But there is context and appropriateness I feel. Leaving aside the fact that most of what I hear is not to my taste, I find this incessant noise as one enters many a pub to be both off-putting and totally bloody unnecessary. My son Iain thinks I should just blot it out. Well if it were strictly background music I might have some success in doing so. The trouble is it invariably isn’t very background these days, but utterly intrusive and mostly a fucking nuisance, which often spoils the enjoyment I once had of going to pubs. Actually finding one where there isn’t any music being broadcast is becomingly increasingly rare I find. A sign of my age one might argue. However I feel that pubs are just not catering for all their patrons as they once did and driving many like me away. This intrusive music isn’t confined to just pubs either. It’s everywhere one cares to shop as well…

Another trend I find utterly bizarre is this business of showing a football match with the commentary turned down and again some god-awful music being played over it. Who are they trying to please? Everyone? They just succeed in pleasing nobody I feel.

And don’t get me started on bloody whinging kids in pubs, supermarkets, public transport etc… either…

End of rant…

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