Talking about Lib Dems demand Iraq apology – MSN News UK – news


Lib Dems demand Iraq apology – MSN News UK – news

How many more damn enquiries are we to have into this affair?

Whilst I have no doubt that the Lib Dems have a sincerely held and consistantly robust opposition to our whole involvment in Iraq, it has already been gone over ad-infinitum what the salient circumstances were that led us into this War. What more is there to be said that hasn’t already been, particularly from a British political standpoint? There will be no satisfaction forthcoming for many from yet another enquiry anyway. Those agin’ the War want Tony Blair and George Bush hauled off before an International Court and charged with a "crime" that these detractors keep repeating against them. The chances of this are somewhat remote. So whatever transpires from yet another "pointless" investigation will still leave those of the aforementioned opinion clearly dissatisfied, that they have yet again not gotten their true wish.

The real truth about Iraq, if there is such a thing, would clearly lie on the other side of the Atlantic at the moment. And I’m damn sure the present US administration will not care to cooperate or partake of any Parliamentary discussion the Lib Dems, or now the two-faced Tories are advocating. For those who wish to rewrite history, I say wait. Time and circumstances and the wonderfully convenient power of 20-20 hindsight that patience gives one usually means that a definitive account of what led us into this regrettable conflict will become all the more forthcoming in a few years time.

Whilst there are parties on both sides of the argument still firmy entrenched into their political positions on this matter, I fear all we will get once more is the same bull and smokescreens from both camps. One side trying to justify themselves in the light of subsequent events and the other having yet another bite at the cherry to see if they can nail their cheif quarry, which in the absence one TB will now be one GB who underwrote all the cheques. 

By the the way: If I hear another word on whether this War was "Legal" or "Illegal" I’ll scream. I get really irritated by this whole line of discussion since nobody, on whatever side of the argument they happen to come from, has the definitive word on the matter. Again. It’s just an opinion and should be treated in the same fashion as with all political opinions – With a huge pinch of salt and a careful understanding of what those pontificating on the subject are trying to sell us.  

And as for apologies:

I think the British people deserve an apology from all MP’s every time they waste so much of theirs.





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